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Inclusive Fitness and Lifestyle Services for all (dis)Abilities
This all-inclusive manual is designed to enhance the expertise of qualified fitness professionals with specific resources needed to provide fitness assessment and active living counselling services to 'apparently healthy' Canadians with a disability. Key topics include:
    •Physical Activity and People with a Disability;
    •Focusing on Ability;
    •Inclusion and Active Living;
    •Disability and the Seven-Step Appraisal Process;
    •Active Living Counselling and Disability; and,
    •Alternative Appraisal Protocols.

This manual outlines the background material required for formal recognition for the CSEP Supplementary Training Module: Enhancing Inclusive Fitness and Lifestyle Services. Includes a CD-ROM with standard, large-format and simplified tools.
300 pp. 3-ring binder © 2002 ISBN 1-896900-10-0 - Available in English only


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