CSEP-PATH® Manual (print copy)
CSEP-PATH® Manual (print copy)
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The CSEP Physical Activity Training for Health® (CSEP-PATH®) Resource Manual offers a comprehensive, evidence-based foundation for the training and work of qualified exercise professionals.

Whether you currently hold, or are pursuing a CSEP certification, or are practicing in a related field, we hope this manual will be a key resource for you in your ongoing efforts to deepen your knowledge, skills and professional competence.

The Resource Manual includes a comprehensive set of evidence-based physical activity, fitness and lifestyle assessment protocols.

Packaging: The CSEP-PATH® Manual comes in a lab and facility friendly layflat format. The sections comes in a handy sleeve and can easily be added to a binder.

CSEP-PATH® Resource Manual 2018 refresh ISBN: 978-1-896900-40-7

Content Overview:

Section 1: Foundations

  • Examines the issues around physical activity and health, with a specific focus on the latest available information on Canadians' patterns of physical activity, sedentary behaviour.

Section 2: The CSEP-PATH

  • Presents the CSEP-PATH® itself, a 5-step sequence based on the 5-A's (Ask, Assess, Advise, Agree and Assist/Arrange).

Section 3: Training for Health and Performance

  • Focuses on training for health, fitness and training for performance-related fitness

Section 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Training Elements Review

  • Special considerations at play when working with clients with a disability, children and youth, pregnant women, older adults or clients with a chronic condition.

Section 9: Professional Concepts:

  • Information of relevance to those interesting in or pursing CSEP certification.


  • Provides a series of Client Questionnaires, Handouts, Worksheets and Tools for qualified Exercise Professionals to use.



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