Advanced Learning Module: Exercise & Nutrition

Advanced Learning Module: Exercise & Nutrition
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Instructor: Dr. Adam Upshaw, CSEP-CEP, CSEP High Performance Specialist™
Healthy eating is an important part of maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Dr. Adam Upshaw will share best practices and approaches for you to offer your clients the best in nutrition guidance.

From healthy eating to chronic disease to identifying fads, you will develop your understanding and knowledge of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. The four modules in this live webinar will cover:

  1. General healthy eating; best practices, education, critical thinking.
  2. Nutrition and the media; messaging, fads, supplements, credible resources, being the trusted source, continuing education.
  3. Nutrition and chronic disease; expanding from the first webinar, how healthy eating applies to prevention and management of chronic diseases as well as some other common ailments such as stress, headaches, mood etc.
  4. Weight loss and healthy weight maintenance; best practices, education and approaches

Enrollment length: three months

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