BMS Group Webinar “Protecting your Practice; Liability Insurance Essentials for Exercise Professionals”

BMS Group Webinar  “Protecting your Practice; Liability Insurance Essentials for Exercise Professionals”
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“Protecting your Practice; Liability Insurance Essentials for Exercise Professionals”

How much do you know about the risks and liabilities associated with your work as a CSEP certified personal trainer or clinical exercise physiologist? Join BMS Canada as they review common claims made against exercise professionals and explain how the CSEP Professional Liability & Commercial General Liability Insurance policy responds to protect you. BMS Canada will also provide insight and guidance into other key insurance coverage that may be recommended depending on your specific practice circumstances.

Event Details:

  • Audience: CSEP Members Only with primary focus on Professional Members. 

  • Date: Tuesday, March 19th from 1:30pm-2:30pm

  •  Registration Fee: Free

  •  PDC: 1

  •  Recorded: Yes

  •  Run of Show: The presentation will be approximately 30-40 minutes, followed   by a 20 minute Q&A to answer any of the questions asked in the chat.  

Speaker Bios:

Tara Scullion, Director, BMS Canada

Brent Cartwright, Portfolio Manager, BMS Canada

Brent and Tara are registered insurance brokers at BMS Canada, a specialist broker that provides insurance coverage and risk management services to healthcare and regulated professionals across Canada and globally. Working collaboratively with legal, and insurance partners, Brent, Tara, and the BMS team evaluate the risk exposures specific to health and wellness professionals, including over 4,000 CSEP certified personal trainers and clinical exercise physiologists across Canada.  

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