Register your CSEP Specialization

Register your CSEP Specialization
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Now that you have successfully passed your Theory Exam, it is time to register as a CSEP High Performance Specialist™ or CSEP Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Specialist™. After your registration is processed, you will be able to promote yourself with this credential!

CSEP High Performance Specialization™

The first of its kind in Canada, the CSEP High Performance Specialization™ focuses on performance and occupational testing and training for qualified exercise professionals working with elite athletes, emergency services personnel, armed forces, and high performance clients.

CSEP Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Specialist™

The CSEP Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialization™ provides Qualified Exercise Professionals with the background knowledge and practical considerations necessary for working with individuals during the perinatal period.

Renewal Requirements

If you are a CSEP-CPT or a CSEP-CEP, your specialization will renew automatically with your certification renewal. Otherwise, a renewal fee of $119 is due by March 31 of each year.

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