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CSEP-PATH® e-Toolkit (If you do not have a CSEP-PATH® manual)

CSEP-PATH Toolkit Cover
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The CSEP-PATH® Toolkit provides a series of Client Questionnaires, Handouts, Worksheets and Tools for qualified exercise professionals to use with the CSEP-PATH® Resource Manual.

If you have purchased the CSEP-PATH® manual and have a unique serial code, follow these instructions to redeem the CSEP-PATH® Toolkit for free. Otherwise, you can purchase the toolkit here.

The CSEP-PATH® Toolkit (Second Edition) includes 39 tools and 7 posters.

Table of Contents

Tool #1 Welcome Letter
Tool #2 Informed Consent - Adult
Tool #3 Informed Consent - Youth
Tool #4 Get Active Questionnaire
Tool #5 Get Active Questionnaire - Reference Document
Tool #6 Quick Reference - Client Interview Notes
Tool #7 Client Information Sheet
Tool #8 SOAP Charting Notes
Tool #9 PARmed-X for Pregnancy
Tool #10 Abilities for Active Living Questionnaire (AAL-Q)
Tool #11 Physician Physical Activity Readiness Clearance
Tool #12
Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour Questionnaire (PASB-Q) - Adult
Tool #13
Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour Questionnaire (PASB-Q) - Youth
Tool #14 Healthy Sleep Assessment
Tool #15 Stages of Change Questionnaire (SOC-Q)
Tool #16 mCAFT Data Collection Sheet
Tool #17 Treadmill Walk Data Collection Sheet
Tool #18 One Mile Walk Data Collection Sheet
Tool #19 Cycle Ergometer Test Data Collection Sheet
Tool #20 Predicting 1-RM Data Collection Sheet
Tool #21 Y Balance Test Data Collection Sheet
Tool #22 Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Chart
Tool #23 Quick Reference - Health Benefit Ratings
Tool #24 Evaluation Summary Report Adult
Tool #25 Evaluation Summary Report Youth 
Tool #26 Inventory of Lifestyle Needs and Activity Preferences
Tool #27 Goal Setting Worksheet
Tool #28 Physical Activity and Exercise Prescription Card
Tool #29 Barriers to Physical Activity
Tool #30 Decision Balance Worksheet
Tool #31 First Step Planning Worksheet
Tool #32 Alternatives for Action Worksheet
Tool #33 Weekly Physical Activity Planner and Log
Tool #34 Relapse Planning Worksheet
Tool #35 Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years (0-4 years) 
Tool #36 Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children & Youth (5-17 years)
Tool #37 Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults (18-64)
Tool #38 Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults (65 years and older) 
Tool #39 2019 Canadian Guideline for Physical Activity throughout Pregnancy


Printable PDF Posters

PDF versions of 7 posters which you can print in larger format than they appear in the printed manual:

Number English Title Titre français
Poster 1 Skeletal System (Anterior) Squelette – vue antérieure
Poster 2 Skeletal System (Posterior) Squelette — vue postérieure
Poster 3 Muscular System (Anterior) Système musculaire — vue antérieure
Poster 4 Muscular System (Posterior) Système musculaire — vue postérieure
Poster 5 Anatomy of the Nervous System Anatomie du système nerveux
Poster 6 Anatomy of the Heart
Anatomie du coeur
Poster 7 Anatomy of the Lungs
Anatomie des poumons


Click here to learn more about changes and additions in the CSEP-PATH® Resource Manual Second Edition (2019). 

You can select from the following format options. If you would like to select more than one format, add one format to your cart and complete your order. After you complete your order, the free copy of the toolkit will be unlocked when you are logged in and you will be able to add all formats/languages to your cart for your second order.

Separate files (recommended for mobile devices)

Each tool/poster is a separate PDF file, which you can open/view independently. Use this option if you only intend to download and print a few tools at a time, or if you intend to download your purchases directly to a mobile device.

Combined PDFs

All 39 tools are combined into one PDF file, all 7 letter-size (8½x11") posters are combined into one PDF file, and all 7 ledger-size (11x17") posters are combined into one PDF file (3 downloadable files total). Use this option if you intend to print the entire toolkit. You can still print individual tools within the toolkit, but you will have to specify which pages to print (e.g. to print tool #6, Informed Consent — Adult, you will need to specify in your print settings to print pages 16-17 of the PDF).

If you want multiple formats/languages

After you complete your purchase of the CSEP-PATH® Toolkit in one format/language, you will be able to add the redeem-with-code version without having to enter a code and check out a second time without having to pay again.

Not a replacement for the CSEP-PATH® registration code!

If you are planning to become a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer®, you will still need to enter the code from your CSEP-PATH® manual in order to take the CSEP-CPT theory exam, so you may want to buy a manual instead of just the toolkit. If you've previously purchased the CSEP-PATH® manual, contact if you require additional assistance with recovering your code or obtaining a replacement code.

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